This blog was born when I acquired a 1963 AMC Rambler Classic 550 from a man in the Champlain Islands of Vermont. The original cost was $950 but I got him down to $900 due to the smashed windshield, which unfortunately ended up costing a good chunk of change when it was time to replace ( read about here )

Far from a mint car the Rambler needed some serious TLC. It did run, which was great. The miles were up to 75k which is not bad at all. Some small rust spots and holes but nothing to destroy the aesthetics of the car. The interior needed some love, the front seat fabric had been replaced with some awful denim looking fabric, the visors were shot, rug was gone, dome light not working, and numerous other issues.

On the exterior it needed new paint obviously, as well as some new light lenses, tires, rim restoration, hubcap restoration, body patch and repair, and a few other problems. Slowly but surely these problems are being met one by one, each adventure can be read about here.

I have always wanted a classic car to restore and this was a fantastic opportunity, not to mention I really dig Ramblers. It was hard at first not having any place to store it but now that I own a home with a garage its much easier to work. I feel modern cars lack personality, they follow the same bland standards that have been pushed out for the last 2 decades. I understand fuel efficiency, size, and the need for mass produced cars that follow a formula, but where did the style go? The plastic, clunky, black, grey, and silver formula has been beaten to death. These cars from the 30's up to about the mid 70's in America ooze individuality, and owning  one is like owning a piece of auto history.