Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 10: Car Show Annoyances

Been to a classic car show? Been annoyed at something? I will guess you have seen, heard, witnessed, or been exposed to something annoying and unique to car shows. This list really could work for any type of car show but since I frequent the classics shows this is my top 10.

1. Bad Posters

You've seen them hanging in the parts store or the town bulletin, those eye sores advertising the upcoming car show. Being a graphic designer I tend to notice these things frequently and it hurts. Ask around if you need someone to do a poster for the show I know there are a few good people out there who will whip one up for no charge, including myself.

2. Awards

Now please don't think I am an angry whiner with no awards, although the Rambler is certainly not in the running for any except a poor ol' Jalop award. When I say awards I mean the same 3 cars with quarter of a million bucks sunk in them that win multiple awards at each show year after year. You have a lot of dough to spend, we get it.

3. Crazy Kids and Lackadaisical Parents

Please, bring your kids to car shows! Let the car culture expand and grow within younger generations but don't let them run around like they are at a McDonalds play area and just chugged a gallon of Mountain Dew. Being excited and having a good time is one thing, crawling all over cars and causing general havoc is another. Watch your kiddies please.

4. Snake Oil Sales

No that crusty carburetor will not "run as is" sorry. Some swap meet vendors are honest folk, some are not as bound by having morals. Shifty junk-peddlers can be seen from a mile away by most car people but sometimes the less knowing get sucked in.

5. Displays, Displays as Far as the Eye Can See

Have some interesting history on your car? Great, show it off in a tasteful manner. Want to show off every little ad, brochure, manual, paper scrap, and inventory of parts list you have? Please don't. We are here to admire your automobile not your paper ephemera collection.

6. Overzealous Owners

It is perfectly fine to ask people not to touch your car, after all you put in blood, sweat and tears into restoring it (you did didn't you?). One sign will suffice we dont need to be bombarded with warning's as if we just entered a blasting zone.

7. Trailer Queens

The trailer queen. Riding high being tugged along as everyone amazes at its refined glory. You know it has wheels for a reason right?

8. Braggarts

You have 17 classics in your underground storage facility?! Swoon. Come on people get over yourselves.

9. Grumps

If you are not interested in talking to people then why did you bring your car to a car show? Some people are antisocial I get it but when you sit in your lawn chair hidden behind your car and get uppity when someone asks you a question or wants to communicate in some manner with you then you are just being a dick. GET OFF MY LAWN!

10. Peek-a-boo Dolls

Here it is, big number 10, those damned peek-a-boo dolls. I don't think I have to say much of anything about these little monstrosities who continually show up at car shows. Creepy? Check. Eyesores? Check. Make the hurt stop.


  1. Haha.. this is so true. I was at the car show this weekend at the fairgrounds and there was a couple parked next to us. (I had a car in the show) and they fell asleep! Its like, whats the point? I also been to other car shows and theres this like very crappy black spray painted dodge charger I think? And they put out all these dolls and signs and paper work up the ying yang. Some day I would love to make my own car club and car shows. haha

    1. Yeah there are some interesting sight for sure. The Charger guy sounds like a real champ with the paperwork and dolls, and then having a sprayed car (Charger at that!). Was he going for the Rat Rod look unintentionally?