Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flash o Matic Bleeding (Solved?)

For any of you who read this blog regularly you probably know the Ramblin Rose (the Ramblers name now) has had a bit of a transmission drip issue. Well things may be looking up for the old Flash-O-Matic.

I post and comment over at the Jalopy Journal forum knows as the H.A.M.B. (hokey ass message board) which is an incredible community and resource, go check it out. Someone read the Rambler Journal and caught wind of my transmission woes (Thanks farna) and had an idea as to why the transmission on Rose was leaking. He pointed out that the transmission had vents on the top of the transmission and if the fluid overfilled it could leak from the vents. Now thinking back to the last time I had the it up in the air to see the issue it was coming from a very peculiar area, which I am almost positive was the mentioned vent and the reason why we were a bit baffled by the leak. So the good news it that hopefully the transmission is leaking from the vent due to being overfilled and not an internal leak of some sort. As soon as I get the chance I want to run the Rambler a bit and get it onto a lift to have another look, keep running it to work out the overfill and watch the levels and HOPE that is the cause. It would make for a really great summer if I could finally get some miles on the road with Rose! I will update with any revelations.

I also want to give a shout out to gearhead forums and quality online communities in general. I find that not only the H.A.M.B. to be a great place for discussion and help but a lot of other places similar have the same qualities. Yes there are the occasional troll or rabble rouser but they seem to be marked for banning very quick. The majority of folks on these forums are good people with similar interests who like to partake in a community that helps and promotes discussions. Thanks guys and girls over on the H.A.M.B.!

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