Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Seat Covers for an Old Car

Should have posted about all this a LONG time ago, guess time has a way of getting away from you sometimes. Regardless of the time it took to get a post up on this I do feel it deserves one and is something a lot of classic car people consider at least once depending on condition; what to do about those dirty old seats?

The Rambler had its original seats in the rear, in rather nice shape as well. The front bench seats on the other hand had been replaced with an incredibly ugly and stained denim print fabric cover, you can see some of it in this photo on the left.
So needless to say a change of seatery was in order. I searched high and low to find a good cover for the Rambler, a great many websites were visited in my quest for something original and complimentary to the car. In my search I realized there were primarily two types of cover vendors, one at the high end that offered very lush and expensive options, and on the low end the drab, black run-of-the-mill crap seen in every store. Not being a rich man I needed to find a quality middle ground and I found that at Automotive Interiors and Accessories Inc.
They offered a solid number of options and additional customizations that you could choose along with a lot of good colors to choose from. I opted for the turquoise vinyl with white vertical striping for the front and back seats. The package arrived quick and before I knew it I was having a good old time securing the new vinyl covers to the seats with the supplies hog rings. The final product:

Not too difficult to do and with the options available it is something to consider if your seats have not withstood the test of time very well. Best part is if you do have some of the seats (like the Ramblers rear seat) that are in decent shape you can just cover over them, which really preserves them even longer.


  1. Whoa, that was pretty creepy. I grew goosebumps while I was reading your post. But what's interesting for me is the old man's love for his car. It seems to me like he’s just protecting his car. He just doesn’t want anything bad happen to it. Sometimes, people, even the dead, treasure their belongings so much that they will do anything and everything to keep these safe.


  2. Oh yeah! You could give your old car a new look! Just by changing its seat covers, you will really feel that your car had an awesome transformation! Turquoise and white is indeed a great color combination, huh! It’s so engaging! Great job! :D