Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rambler To-Do List for 2012

Spring is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later for us in the colder regions. As the temps rise above freezing my excitement to return to the Rambler garage elevates and so a new list of things to accomplish on the old girl needs to be made. So this is my list for this year (although it is always changing as time goes by):

1: Transmission
The big one. The leaky transmission has been bothering me for some time and really is what has kept the Rambler off the road. Although it is a small leak, it is a mysterious leak and risking losing too much fluid during a drive is not worth it. A local guy around here does transmission work, ill drop by and see what he has to say.

2: Cooling System
During a few of my short drives around the block last year the engine bay seemed to be getting much warmer than a short drive should make it. I want to get a good flush of the coolant in and reseal the gasket for the radiator fan.

3: Vacuum Lines
The wipers have yet to make a full swipe across the windows as of yet. The vacuum lines dont seem to be pushing out enough air for the wipers to function, so I need to find a solution for that.

4: Seal Doors and Windows
The window and door seals have turned to crumbly, hard rubber over the last 40+ years. A fresh set of window fuzzies and door seals will do the trick with minimal fuss, plus they are easy to buy still! Thing is, the window fuzzies dont really keep out all the rain, anyone out there know of a better solution to keep it watertight?

5: Hood Alignment
The hood is an inch above where it should be closest to the windshield, I need to figure out why it is no longer flush with the body panels. Could just be from the pressure of the hood being opened and it has bent slightly, but it bothers me none the less.

These are the big 5 for now. I have other little things I will be messing around with such as really getting a good setup for the amp and speakers but these are the main things I want to achieve. Wish me luck!

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