Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mighty V3, 3 Cylinders of Fury

Yes the title is a bit tongue in cheek sure but it is the truth, Ford has recently introduced the 3 cylinder EcoBoost engine that will be put into production in Europe later this year and in time the good ol' USA. Ford also is introducing a new eight-speed transmission to go along with this little monster. And to ease your mind it will not be a new Geo Metro, although at time I do still see those little guys zipping along, it will be in something similar to this...thing the Ford Start concept:

The reason I am writing this entry is for the sheer fact that the mighty V8 is becoming a dinosaur, something that kids will read about in textbooks. In my graphic at top I tried to illustrate the little V3 butting into the big ole V8, granted I took some creative liberties with sizing. The point is not that 3 cylinders are going into vehicles that previously had V8's, but the truth is 6 cylinder engines are replacing 8's, 4's are replacing 6's, and now 3's are replacing 4's. In my eyes it is just another nail in the coffin for what was once a heralded engine, 8 cylinders of go.

Automotive culture is changing, fast. Where once speed, power and style were cheered we now have a culture hungering for size, MPG, and gadgets. Is it all bad? No certainly not, with gas stuck in the $4 range it necessary for auto makers to adjust to the times. What I worry is that styling is gone forever, we all will soon drive little clones of the same car. Uniformed size, 5 colors to choose, and basic options all fluttering around, sad really. I dont care for gadgets either, more stuff to break and more expense to fix. Give me manual roll windows, its not that bad. I think I will save my style ramblings for another post though.

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