Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stowe Vermont Antique and Classic Car Show 2011

As the summer winds down the car shows wind up and one of the best is the Stowe Antique & Classics show here in Vermont. Now this particular show is a favorite of mine not only for the great variety of cars on display but the endless herds of dealer and parts tents. It is always a crap shoot though, will there be any actual deals or just a lot of marked up pitted chrome? This year was the latter, a lot of interesting finds and cool parts but at a high rate, and this broke blogger does have the spare change. Regardless it was a good time.

This year had the luck of good weather, in some years past the field the event takes place in has turned into more of a 4x4 mud runner than a show field. The cars were in fine shape, some real sights were on display and a wide variety at that which is what I appreciate the most from this show. It is not completely overrun with mid 50's Fords and Chevys (not that there is anything wrong with them) like many shows, this had Studebakers to Desotos to Jeep FJs. One clear omission from the lineup though, the 4th contender of the mid-century, American Motors. Now to be fair I did hear some rumblings later in the day as we were leaving that there was in fact a Javelin in the lineup, it may have just arrived a bit late. But as I eyeballed the chrome lines not a AMC was in sight, too bad really.

These types of shows are great for the classic car hobby, it helps promote restoration and appreciation for the cars of yesterday to the younger crowd. The club that puts on this event is the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts Club and they do a good job, I may actually join their ranks next year. This year seemed to be down slightly in numbers of cars on display but I was there at opening (9am) and there more than likely were a good number of late comers.

So if you find yourself in the area in August next year, head up to Stowe and visit this great show. You can find a bit more info on this event here.

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