Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old Car Visors Are New Again!

From Old
To New!

My orignal visors were in a word, trashed. The orignal AMC Rambler visors for this model were made from a thin cardboard and cardboard does not stand the test of time. After a bit of research and some googling I came across a visor restoration place in NY with some good prices and what looked like good results.

After a bit of reading and deliberation I decided Vinyl Specialties was a good bet. I filed out the order form, sent in payment and shipped the old ragged visors off via UPS the next day. After about a week I received a shipping notice and had my newly upholstered visors in hand! The people at Vinyl Specialties did a great job, professional work and a good price (the entire thing ended up costing around $75 with shipping and everything).

The new visors look great, the new padding and vinyl are top notch and the sewing on it is superb. They did a good job matching up the colors as well and fits the interior. So if your in the market for some visor restoration give these guys a chance I dont think you will be disappointed.

Click on the shots at left for some detail.

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