Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rustoleum Spray Can Challenge Update: Fail

The spray method did not pan out in the end. The end result was a striped mess, take a look...

The trouble with using the rattle can method was coverage, it is near impossible to cover everything adequately and get a good covering without drips. The other issue that occurred was high and low spots, again the coverage of the can spray just was not adequate for the task. It did turn out nice on the side posts and went on smooth, this was due to the smaller area that needed to be covered.

I did take some time to layer the paint and to wet sand in between coats and at the end to reduce the striping and orange peel. While this did help to some extent it was just not enough for entire roof. So in the end I recommend keeping your spray can use to small areas, I have had great success with interior trim pieces and small areas getting a smooth cover.

So now that the spray can method has been attempted I have moved on to using a foam roller and so far I have had some GREAT results with it, but thats a whole other post (coming soon).

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