Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Rustoleum Challenge

Paint, something many classic cars end up needing but the cost is not in reach for all. The Rambler has its original paint, dull, faded, and speckled with emerging rust spots. I realized the rust was not going anywhere and yes while I could just do some spot repairs and covers like I have been there were some areas with heavy coverage (trunk lid). The rambler was starting to look like a speckled beast and well, I wasn't too proud of the previous coverups. Something needed to be done!

Off to the internet I went, in search of a low cost solution. After reading what seemed like a thousand forum posts I came across one that seemed legitimate. The Rustoleum paint job! Youtube provided a a handful of before and afters with some hazy explanations of what went on in the process but their end results looked good! I read some corresponding forums on the subject and it seems as if it were a possibility worth researching.

One video did stand out, user Jtech87 had two videos with a play by play of repainting a car with Rustoleum products, one using a roller and enamel paint and the other using enamel spray paint. The two processes both have their individual pros and cons but it in the end it is affordable and better yet, a challenge ( The video I am referring to is at the bottom of this post by the way). I have decided to undertake this monumental task on my two-tone Rambler, first using the spray method for the white top then the most difficult task of using the roller method for the body. I may fail but I am willing to give it a try and if it does come out good, well I will be a happy rambler.

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