Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Classic Car Appreciation Day

Thats right its official, Classic Car Appreciation Day was passed by the senate last year to celebrate our automotive heritage and those who keep it alive. With help from SEMA, ARMO, and HRIA July 8th is now officially Collector Car Appreciation Day.

There will be events all over the US, from parades to sock hops to drive-in movie nights. I could not find any official event listing but I am sure some searching for events in your area as the day draws closer you will be able to find local events.

As far as the New England area goes the good folks at Hemmings Motor News will be hosting an event at the Hathaway's Drive-In in North Hoosick, NY. The kicker? Only collector cars allowed in for the double feature! Sorry tuners, got to sit this one out. The movies playing will be Cars 2 and Two Lane Blacktop.

For some more info on Classic Car Appreciation Day you can check out SEMA or keep watching Hemmings Motor News as they are always on top of the latest.

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