Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lazy Rambler Owner

I admit it, I have really neglected this blog the last...well half of a year. I did so much to the old AMC over the summer and I have not updated any of it! tsk tsk for shame.

Perhaps 2011 will be a different year, not just for me and my Rambler but everyone. Who knows perhaps things will actually begin to get better for everyone! I believe a new direction is needed for this blog as I can only do so much with repairs and fixes to my Rambler and post on them. A more broad appeal is needed so I think opening this blog up to more than just my personal Rambler stories would be beneficial. Adding things I find Rambler related, some links to help other restorers, and just topics of interest.

I have already started posting various things Rambler related on here, like the cameo of the Rambler on the show Pushing Daisies. Interesting and unusual things like this add a lot more to a blog and open it up to more people, plus it keeps me interested.

Another thing I would like to do is update the look and theme of this blog. Blogger has come quite a ways since I originally began this blog and has much more to offer in terms of features. I think an update is only natural. Hope nothing breaks in the process.

In the meantime if anyone out there (*crickets*) has any idea of some interesting topics I could post on, please let me know.

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  1. hounds in ramblers... ramblers and hounds... that is a LOL for sure!