Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting MP3 Love From an Old Stock AM Radio

Yep, AM radio is not what it used to be. Back in 63' i'm sure it had more to offer than it does almost 50 years later. Dont get me wrong, when I am tinkering in my garage in the summer I often tune into the oldies AM station. If you are on the road though and need something more these sources may be able to help:

For a quick and seemingly painless addition to your stock AM, there is RediRad. The guys over at have devised a simple plug and play adapter that routes the signal from the MP3 (or satellite radio, or cd, or whatever) and broadcasts to AM band that you can tune into. It is a pretty straightforward operation and comes in all varieties for differing voltages. I plan to purchase one this summer and give it a try, they do have a 100% guarantee and you can return it if you dont like it.

Another less simple option is the hackers option. Someone over on the AMC Forums devised a somewhat simple way to add a headphone jack to a stock radio. It requires some electrical work, but the cost is less than $5, so electronics savvy folks can give it a go. Me, I think ill pass on that one.

Know of other options I have not covered? Let me know!

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