Sunday, March 7, 2010

1 Year of The Rambler Restore Project

One full year has come and gone now and the Rambler Project blog is still kickin. This is one of my few blog ventures that has actually withstood the test of my interest unlike a few that came and now have gone. The Rambler is slowly coming along but with a new summer comes new projets for it, mainly getting it ready for the road! Unfortunately when I went to the garage this afternoon the rear tire had lost its air, slow leak im guessing. Have to get that fixed before the tire is ruined.

On another note you can see in the picture above the replacement bumper that was put on before winter set in. This one, although slightly rusty, is a nice improvement over the original. The former had a few solid dents that really took away from the chrome as well as being bent slightly. Another great part from the Rambler Wagon parts car.

If you read this blog, a big thanks to you and I hope to keep you interested. I plan on many more updates this summer and trying to be as informative as I can. Questions and comments are always welcome and thanks for reading the Rambler Restore Project!

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