Friday, October 16, 2009

Replacement Rubber Door Trim

Out of the Parts Rambler I nearly forgot a great piece of trim, the rubber door trim. Turns out the parts car had immaculate rubber trim still, no drying, discoloration, or cracking. The trim on my 550 is completely in ruins and beyond help. It was dried and disintegrating at each touch. A simple peel of the old stuff and application of the new and the interior around the doors look so much better. This was a lucky last minute find and im glad it dawned on me to check. Im sure these parts are pricey and hard to find original.


  1. I've enjoyed reading you blog. Love the car and the restoration stories so far...

  2. Thank you! Im at a standstill at the moment due to the winter but im eagerly anticipating the spring when I can resume and post some more content. If all goes well it should be road worthy this year.