Saturday, July 11, 2009

Windshield Ta Da!

After a long wait my windshields have been swapped and the Rambler now has a non-shattered windshield! What a relief to finally look at the front and not see a destroyed windshield. The guys at Triumph Auto Glass did a great job and swapped everything out for $125 and put the trim back on the windshield edges. Very exciting to finally see the car with a windshield in one piece.


  1. ohhh ahhh.... that looks real nice. A GEM I would say! I love it now lets go to Sunset Drive In.

  2. Whew! Good thing the windshield was finally been fixed! It’s extremely dangerous to be driving with a cracked windshield. Vision of the road and other cars becomes obscured. It becomes harder to judge distance and obstacles. A cracked windshield makes a car more prone to accidents on the road. Congrats on getting your windshield replaced!

    Jessie Bachelder