Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So Whats Left?

Here are few things I still want to accomplish on the Rambler now that im a little farther along than my last list;

Eventually a nice new coat of paint on the body and white top would be nice. Perhaps next summer.

Seat Covers
I have been looking at some websites recently and found some affordable and great looking covers that fit over the top of what is already there. Right now the front seat has an ugly denim cover to it that is showing some age. Hopefully I can get some fresh covers soon.

Manual Choke/Carburetor
I have purchased the manual choke kit but am waiting for now. The former owner installed a new carburetor that is much taller than the original and does not allow room for the air filter housing (or any other aftermarket for that matter). I may try to reinstall one of the older carbs so that I can get the air filter back in place, then install the choke kit.

I need to figure out the issues with some of the electrical equipment. A few things are not getting power including the dome light, one light under the dash, as well as a few others.

Radio Install
Truthfully the radio is installed into the dash but I need to get a speaker and install it as well as wire everything into the car.

I would like to refinish the trunk either with a rubber mat or to throw some carpeting in.

Of course there is more, but this is a short list of whats on my mind right now. Hopefully I can get a good portion of this done before the end of fall. Im very excited to get the Rambler on the road. I dont think I would ever buy a complete and finished classic car, when you put your own work into something and make the inevitable mistakes you learn from them and come out wiser. Its all learning and its a lot of fun.

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