Friday, July 31, 2009

leaky Leaks

I believe I found the area thanks to a rainy Sunday. It seems the corner on the drivers side did not set completely and as a result has a small 1 inch gap. Hopefully a little window sealant will rectify the situation.
Of course it couldnt go smoothly. After a few nice showers it seems as the window seal on the new windshield is not doing its job correctly. Not sure if the seal is just not secured properly or shotty installation but none the less the carpet on the driver and passenger sides are soaked and completely ruined my original visors after they got wet. Im not happy about the fact that it leaks but even more angry about the damage to my visors that were in pretty good shape originally. Very disappointing to sat the least. It looks like there may be some slight gaps in the corners under the rubber seal, so I will need to seal those up and and test the the windshield with a hose. Wish me luck.

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