Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parts Car FOUND

Last week I was talking to another AMC fan via email and he offered me a Rambler Wagon 1963, which is the same ear and model as my Rambler just a wagon style. Making the trek to NH last Sunday we picked the car from the mud and leaves with the flatbed truck and brought it back to VT. I am completely in luck. This car has many parts ive been looking for, most importantly a perfectly in tact windshield, no dings, no damage whatsoever. I got this whole car for a fraction of the price the windshield would have cost to be shipped. 

looking over the car I wish the the body was in better shape, The wagon model is pretty nice! Unfortunately the floorboards are completely rotted through and im sure the frame is less than solid. So not only did I get a great windshield but the arm rests/pads, sun visors, rear seat, radio, console, and multiple other parts are still in great shape and will look great on my 550. Almost time for the road!

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