Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big List

It may be helpful to list what needs to be done for the car, in no particular order;

1: Windshield replacement
This is becoming rather difficult, and pricey. Most places are charging around $600-$700.

2: Register and Insure
A day at the DMV, I am so thrilled.

3: Wiper repair
Is it the vacuum motor or something else? Time will tell. Refer to earlier post.

4: Carpet replacement
Cant put your feet on something deteriorating and shredded. This will also make the interior much more cheery.

5: Arm Rest Pad replacement
Elbows on sharp steel is not a comfortable drive.

6: Gas tank patch
Not looking forward to this

7. New Tires
Not a big deal, something with a nice white wall.

8. Gauge testing
make sure all the gauges are in working order

9: Clean inside and out

Im sure there is much more to be done, but these are the most pertinent of things to accomplish. Of course a fresh coat of paint is always something to think about, but the car will be road ready without it. Now if only the weather would cooperate (snow!).

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